Dry Icer

The Dry Icer is a new and improved professional, cost effective solution for creating spectacular Low-Lying Fog Effects. This sleek new design has a 20 pound Dry Ice capacity which is placed in a stainless steel basket. Other new features are low water shut off Indicator, 4” hose adaptor and heavy duty latches on the lid. The Low-Lying Fog output is controlled by lowering the stainless steel basket with the 3 step pivoting ratchet system. This will allow the basket to ease into the boiling water to create continuous Low-Lying Fog for approximately 5 minutes.

The Dry Icer has our standard One-Year Warranty on all parts and service.



Product List
CLF-1810 Dry Icer 110V $1,285.00 USD
CLF-1815 Dry Icer 220V $1,285.00 USD

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Product List
Dry Icer Road Case CLF-1820 Dry Icer Road Case $985.00 USD
4" Fog Non-insulated Flex Hose 25 CLF-2955 4" Fog Non-insulated Flex Hose 25' $229.00 USD


Run Time: 20 lbs of CO2/5 minutes
Reheat Time: 1 hour


Length: 21 in / 53 cm
Width: 20 in / 51 cm
Height: 19 in / 48 cm
Net Weight: 33 lbs / 16 kgs
Heater Watts: 1,500 Watts
Rating: 12.5 amps AC @ 120 volts @ 50/60 hz
Regulatory Compliance: This product has been certified to CSA/UL Standards by QPS Canada Inc.

Shipping Specifications per Model

Model Length Width Height Weight
CLF-1810 Dry Icer 110V 22 in - 56 cm 20 in - 51 cm 20 in - 51 cm 39 lbs - 18 kgs
CLF-1815 Dry Icer 220V 22 in - 56 cm 20 in - 51 cm 20 in - 51 cm 39 lbs - 18 kgs

Parts Identification Blowout Sheets

Dry Icer Exploded-Rev-B:


Service Photos

Additional Part:


Front View:


Internal Dry Ice Basket:


Internal View:


Rear View:


Removable Lid:


Side View:


Side View 2:


Top View:



Product List
CXP-6040 14/3 6´ Power Cord w/3 Prongs $11.00 USD
CXP-4288 1/4" Standard Nut $0.15 USD
CXP-4286 1/4" Flat Washer $0.15 USD
CXP-4263 Schuko Plug 240V $16.70 USD
CXP-4257 G3000 Fuse Clips $1.20 USD
CXP-4255 1/4 Lock Washer $0.20 USD
CXP-3034 LSX/Dry Icer Red Indicator 110V $10.50 USD
CXP-2230 Dry Icer Element Gasket Kit $14.00 USD
CXP-2225 Dry Icer Foam Grip $3.00 USD
CXP-2220 Dry Icer Microswitch $14.00 USD
CXP-2218 Dry Icer Heater Kit 220V $200.00 USD
CXP-2215 Dry Icer Heater Kit 110V $200.00 USD
CXP-2211 Dry Icer Float w/Rod $28.00 USD
CXP-2210 Dry Icer Basket Holder $86.00 USD
CXP-2209 Dry Icer Lid Handle $41.00 USD
CXP-2208 Dry Icer Lid Gasket Foam $19.00 USD
CXP-2207 Dry Icer Lid Assembly $204.00 USD
CXP-2206 Dry Icer Basket Stainless Steel $87.50 USD
CXP-2205 Dry Icer Heavy Duty Grommets $6.00 USD
CXP-2204 Dry Icer Body Only $176.00 USD
CXP-2199 Dry Icer Element 110V (includes 2 Gaskets) $50.00 USD
CXP-2198 Dry Icer Element Only 220V (includes 2 Gaskets) $54.00 USD
CXP-1296 8/32 Nylon Locknut $0.21 USD
CXP-1294 8/32 x 3/4 Phillips Pan Head Screw B/O $0.20 USD
CXP-1290 Orange Snapclip 3-Wire Connectors $1.00 USD
CXP-1272 #8 x 1/2" Self Tapping Screws B/O $0.25 USD
CXP-1222 1/2" Plastic Strain Relief $4.20 USD