Molecular Fog Fluid

Molecular Water Base Fog Fluid is formulated to create a pure white, thick, dense low-lying fog which produces an effect like you are walking on clouds. There is not any other fluid in the market that is as white and pure as Ultratec’s Molecular fluid. This fluid is used with Ultratec’s World Renown Low Smoke Generator also known as the LSG. Ultratec's Molecular is great for creating all different types of fog effects not just low-lying fog. It can be used in many different fog effects applications. Molecular Fluid can be used in all Ultratec’s Fog Machines. 


Product List
CFF-2901 4L Molecular Fog Fluid $70.05 USD
CFF-2745B 20L Molecular Fog Fluid $235.90 USD
CFF-3002 205L Molecular Fog Fluid Drum $1,606.80 USD


Our fluid has been included in the "Equipment Based Guidelines for the Use of Theatrical Smoke and Haze" that has been prepared with the support of Equity League Pension and Health Trust Funds et al., and can be used in compliance with ANSI standards for theatrical fog and the PLASA (previously ESTA) Fog Testing Program.

To view the Calibration Factors for Monitoring Theatrical Smoke, Fog and Haze please see the "Downloads" section further down this page.

Shipping Specifications per Model

Model Length Width Height Weight
CFF-2901 4L Molecular Fog Fluid 15 in - 38 cm 11 in - 28 cm 13 in - 33 cm 40 lbs - 18 kgs
CFF-2745B 20L Molecular Fog Fluid 12 in - 31 cm 10.5 in - 27 cm 16.5 in - 42 cm 50 lbs - 23 kgs
CFF-3002 205L Molecular Fog Fluid Drum 23 in - 59 cm 23 in - 59 cm 35 in - 89 cm 509 lbs - 231 kgs