Versa Fan

The Versa Fan is a compact, heavy duty fan that is versatile, small and powerful. It can be used in many applications, pushing fog or haze, blowing bubbles or distributing snow evenly across the stage. It incorporates a ratchet, positive locking positioning base for quick and easy use. This unique design makes the fan user-friendly and packs into a very small package. It comes with a built-in variable speed control and can also be controlled by an optional DMX interface. The Versa Fan comes with our standard One-Year Warranty on all parts and service.


Product List
CLF-2809 Versa Fan 110V $905.00 USD
CLF-2810 Versa Fan w/DMX 110V New Design $1,220.00 USD
CLF-2817 Versa Fan 220V (CE) $1,100.00 USD

Accessories Gallery


Product List
Versa Focus CLF-2815 Versa Focus $114.30 USD
Snow/Versa DMX Truss Bracket Heavy Duty CLF-2788 Snow/Versa DMX Truss Bracket Heavy Duty $601.55 USD


  • Compact Design
  • Built-In Variable Speed Control
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Frame
  • Easy Positioning w/ Built-in Ratchet System
  • Truss Mountable


Competitive Comparison: 1000 CFM


Length: 8 in / 20 cm
Width: 12 in / 31 cm
Height: 16 in / 41 cm
Net Weight: 17 lbs / 8 kgs
Power Cord: 6 ft - 1.8 m
Rating: 2 amps @ 110 volts @ 60 hz
Regulatory Compliance: This product has been certified to CSA/UL Standards by QPS Canada Inc.

Shipping Specifications per Model

Model Length Width Height Weight
CLF-2809 Versa Fan 110V 14 in - 36 cm 16 in - 41 cm 7 in - 18 cm 21 lbs - 10 kgs
CLF-2817 Versa Fan 220V (CE) 14 in - 36 cm 16 in - 41 cm 7 in - 18 cm 21 lbs - 10 kgs

Parts Identification Blowout Sheets

Versa Fan & Focus - Exploded-R-A:


Versa Fan DMX Flow Box-Exploded- Rev-A:


Versa Fan New-DMX-Exploded-R-B:


Service Photos

Bottom View:


Internal Cicuit Board View:


Outer View:


Side View 1 :


Side View 2 :



Product List
CXP-1132 Versa Fan & Motor 110V (Assembly Needed) $578.00 USD
CXP-1147 Versa Fan Spring $2.00 USD
CXP-1148 Versa Fan Housing Ratchet $77.50 USD
CXP-1149 Versa Fan Base $50.00 USD
CXP-1150 Versa Fan Spring Tab $14.00 USD
CXP-1151 Versa Fan Latch Rod $17.00 USD
CXP-1152 90 Degree Power Cord $17.00 USD
CXP-1166 Versa Fan 3/8-16 x 3/4 Bolt B/O $1.40 USD
CXP-1168 Versa Fan 3/8-16 Nylon Locknut $0.20 USD
CXP-2608 Control Knob (Remote/MC3) $9.00 USD
CXP-2800 Versa Fan Guard Spacer $12.00 USD
CXP-2801 Versa Fan 10" Finger Guard $88.00 USD
CXP-2802 Fuse Powered Entry Module $9.00 USD
CXP-2804 5 x 20mm 2.5 amp Fuse $9.00 USD
CXP-3044 MC3 Fan Speed Control 110V $29.00 USD
CXP-4034 MC3 Fan Speed Control 220V $49.00 USD
CXP-4263 Schuko Plug 240V $16.70 USD

Versa Fan DMX Flow Box


Product List
CXP-1222 1/2" Plastic Strain Relief $4.20 USD
CXP-1233 15 Amp Fuse Holder $4.00 USD
CXP-1252 3 Amp Fuse 1.25" $0.70 USD
CXP-1296 8/32 Nylon Locknut $0.21 USD
CXP-1320 Chip - Versa Fan Main V2.06 5-Pin $50.00 USD
CXP-1345 Chip - Universal Remote V0.33 5-Pin/RJ $50.00 USD
CXP-2475 Heater Triac $21.00 USD
CXP-6040 14/3 6´ Power Cord w/3 Prongs $11.00 USD
CXP-7145 Versa Fan DMX Flow Box PCB 5-Pin 110V $300.00 USD
CXP-7150 Versa Fan DMX Flow Box PCB 5-Pin 220V $284.00 USD