True North Snow Machine

This machine is capable of producing a light, fluffy snowfall, to a raging snow storm. By simply adjusting the variable level control - 100% control is achieved. This is possible due to the carefully formulated, dry environmentally safe True North Snow Fluid. The secret is in the fluid and we are extremely proud of this first in snow making production.

The True North Snow Machine comes with our standard One-Year Warranty on all parts and service.


Product List Dealer Quantity
CLS-7200 True North Snow Machine 110V $545.00 USD
CLS-7250 True North Snow Machine 220V $585.00 USD

Accessories Gallery


Product List Dealer Quantity
Truss Bracket CLF-2636 Truss Bracket $133.00 USD
Swivel Bracket 90 Degree Rotator DMX CLF-6000 Swivel Bracket 90 Degree Rotator DMX $1,750.00 USD