Weather-It Case

The clever design of the Weather-It Case is intended to allow users of Ultratec Fog Machines the ability to use them in outdoor applications under minimal weather conditions. Weather-It Cases were designed with the well known and very reliable Pelican Case. It incorporates a built-in fan for cooling, 4-inch nozzle for the fog output, holding straps to keep the fog machine firmly in place and a channel port to allow the fluid pickup line, electrical and control cables access. Note: The Weather-It Cases are NOT waterproof but are more protection for minimal weather influxes. The case also comes equipped with wheels and an extendable handle for your traveling convenience.

The Weather-It Case has our standard One-Year Warranty on all parts and service.

***Fog Machine not included


Product List Dealer Quantity
CLF-2821 Weather-It Case New Style - G3000 $1,595.00 USD
CLF-4468 Weather-It Case - Power Fogger Industrial $1,595.00 USD
CLF-4458 Weather-It Case - Power Fogger Industrial 9D $1,595.00 USD